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Is it time to breathe new life into your home? Home decor such as accent pillows, candles and decorative figurines can make a big impact with minimal effort.

You can update your color palette and upgrade your style with a few small changes to your home decor.

Try an area rug or throw pillows for a pop of color; add strategic lighting and mirrors to make your space feel bigger; or enhance your windows with new window treatments to add elegance and sophistication.

Vortexmall has an extensive selection of home decorations and pillows to freshen up your home.

We even provide helpful tips for keeping all of your pillows clean and tidy! Not sure where to start when it comes to decorating your home? Check out these home decor tips and find answers to commonly asked questions:

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How can I decorate my home like a professional?

Many homes have multiple styles and colors, yet they look so well put together.

So, how do the professionals pull it all together to make one cohesive look with their choice of home decorations? The simple answer is through the use of accent furniture, decorative pieces, and pillows! These are great tools to tie everything together to create a unique style that feels right for your home.

If you have a chair, sofa, or table in a specific style, such as farmhouse or mid-century modern, choose home decor pieces that complement the existing furniture for a look that is eclectic by design.

A wall shelf with a rustic mantel clock and candle sconces will look great in a farmhouse or cottage style living room, while patterned curtains and a funky clock will compliment a mid-century modern room.

Even the smallest home accessories can make a difference to your overall aesthetic.

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you have to redecorate an entire room at once; home accents can be added little by little to existing rooms to help rejuvenate them up and accentuate your room theme.

These home decor pieces are a simple way to start changing the look of your rooms one small piece at a time.

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What are home decor items?

Home decor typically covers any item for your home that is not a piece of functional furniture.

Decor can range from window accents and shelves, to area rugs and pillows, to smaller items such as vases, candles, artificial plants, and figurines.

Some home decor is more functional than others, such as curtains, clocks, and mirrors.

For example, curtains can change the look of your room by adding a pop of color or determining the amount of natural light.

Adding wall mirrors to reflect your current lighting can help brighten up a dark space and give the illusion of a larger room.

You can choose from hanging wall mirrors, learning wall mirrors, or freestanding mirrors in all styles, colors, and materials.

Home decorations are an easy way to add new life to a space and brighten it up without completing an entire home renovation.

The best part about home decor is that it is unique to you! At Vortexmall, you’ll find the clock that speaks to you, the pillow that perfectly matches your living room set, or the cutest elephant statue that will show off your personality and unique sense of style.

The possibilities are endless with our wide selection of home accessories!

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How do I choose the best color for my home?

If you'd like to add some color to your space but either can't or don't want to paint, you have plenty of options with home decor.

Pieces like an area rug, curtain panel set, wall art set, or throw pillows are an easy way to bring different colors into your space without having to make a big, permanent change.

These home decoration pieces can be changed out as new trends pop up or with the change of the seasons! If your existing wall color and furniture are in neutral hues, then the possibilities for accent colors are easy and limitless.

Our selection of home accessories come in every color of the rainbow.

Choosing a color for your room can seem overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that this is your home and you should choose a color palette that you really enjoy! If you want a warm and cozy feeling, choose warm colors such as pale yellow, maroon, burnt orange or creme.

If you want a relaxed vibe, choose cool colors such as navy blue, teal, or pastel green.

If your room has a modern or contemporary vibe, you can stick with blacks, greys and whites for furniture and rugs, and then add a single pop of color with a set of bright red accent pillows or multi colored wall art.

Vortexmall has a vast selection of beautiful home decor in any color you’re looking for.

The most popular house color changes from year to year, so make sure you choose a palette that you’re truly happy with and you’ll never be disappointed!

Before you embark on a massive home renovation, try adding smaller home decor accent pieces such as pillows or wall art, and see what a change they can bring.

Home decor is a great way to experiment with color and style without a big investment or commitment.

So add that bold pop of color, dress up your windows, enliven your walls and let your personality and style shine through.

With Vortexmall's vast selection of accent pieces, inspiration is only a click away.

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